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I Hope These Boxer-Briefs Are Clean

Now that I am not dying of cancer I guess I should be getting along with my life. The future is wide open and here I am with a third chance at life. I didn’t do very well with the … Continue reading

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The Future is Longer Now

This is the first day of my brand new life. I woke up today without the crushing sense of dread that comes with waiting to die, even though I was just waiting to find out if I was going to … Continue reading

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The Countdown to the Final Countdown

I was checking people out at my work when this lady started complaining me about the price of garlic. She kept saying that garlic is the price of chicken. She was very upset that her garlic was ringing up at … Continue reading

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There is Such Thing as Island Time

I have my CT scan appointment scheduled next week on the 18th. I got the call last Thursday, and it has reminded me how scared I am. My oncology appointment is on the 20th, so finally I can get a … Continue reading

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