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September 7, 2013 introspection

Babies & Football is the Opiate of the Masses

The other night, Sharon and I searched around a church in the pouring down rain for a baby we thought was abandoned. We couldn’t find the baby, but Sharon named it Stewie.

I ran into a bunch of Portland Timber fans on my way to work. They were annoying as usual and I was wondering what it was that made them so annoying. Was it the entitlement? Was it the posing as Europeans and saying things like “pint” and “cheers”? No, it was listening to them talk about sports and I realized that a lot of these poor souls have only recently became sport fans.

When I stay at my girlfriend’s place I get up and make coffee and walk down to the front to smoke and usually there is a guy my age there and an old guy who is the building manager and we sit there for an hour or two talking sports, history, music, Portland, Jewish history, theology, homosexuality and just about anything a group of guys could talk about. After going to an AA meeting I realized that I was more comfortable with these two guys then most people I see on a regular basis.

Sharon is out of town and I miss her. Usually when a girlfriend goes out of town I get excited to have all that alone time so I can be my own man, but this time I just miss her. I love the goddamn dickens out of her.

I watched college football today at work and I could not get excited at all. Maybe tomorrow’s NFL will be better.

I yelled at a woman for riding her bike down the sidewalk. She started crying, but my pride would not let me apologize.

My room flooded after a terrible rainstorm. Nothing was lost.

A guy at my work was complaining about Duck fans and how he couldn’t understand how people could get so passionate about college sports but not politics or world affairs. He couldn’t understand how people were cheering when Oregon was up forty points and scored again while America is on the brink of bombing another country and so many other causes that needs the spirit and passion that he saw wasted on a kid’s game. I just smiled and said that if you took a second and paid really close attention to the world around us and how we are afforded the life we get to live here in America then one gets depressed, guilt ridden and anxious, so why not turn off the twenty-four hour news cycle and watch your state’s team demolish another team because god damn where else are you going to find some peace of mind?

On the MAX tonight I broke up a fight between two teenage boys. They were upset because one of them asked a girl out that the other fancied. I sat down and told them some stories of women doing me wrong and doing me right.

I finished a novel and tried to revise it to only grow to hate the book and now I have started over with a new story that will hopefully be novel length.

I did love staying up and watching the thunder and lightning. I felt like there were a lot more thunderstorms when I was a child, but it had been awhile since I had seen lightning and heard thunder like that. I loved seeing the whole sky light up and a few seconds later feel my insides shake from the rumbling thunder. While I was worried about my room flooding, I did love watching the heavens open up and dump a sheet of water. Everything felt clean after the storm.

It is really funny to tell a normal person some of my problem solving skills before I come up with the one that the normal person would have come up first.

I’ve been playing video games again.

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