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January 15, 2016 Meditation , ,

Cracked Pot Meditations – Adversary


Meditation for January 15th, 2016


Love is mentioned in all of the most popular spiritual teachings, self-help practices and therapeutic treatments. Trying to love oneself and then loving others becomes a daily goal and guiding principle for one who is trying to better oneself. Whole libraries of books are dedicated to the art of love whether it is sexual, familial or just trying to get along in the world of humans. Love is the spirit that lifts us when we are down, helps us help others and gives us fulfillment.

Having an adversary is an even better way to lift our spirits, help others and give us fulfillment. In fact, having an arch-nemesis is the key to living a purposeful life. The competition alone drives us to be better, smarter and stronger. Having someone set guidelines to better helps us wake up every morning to crush that person.

This isn’t a person you hate. This is the person that you resent, but is always in your life. You may even share friends and family. People might mention that person’s successes to you and you want tell that person that you’ve done something like that but better. If something really bad happens to the person, you almost feel bad for them and hope they pull through, but secretly hope it was their fault they fell down.

Every superhero has a villain who they fight. Some super heroes are only superheroes because of the villain. The villain always gives away a monologue about what their secret plan was all along because the villain has so much respect for the superhero.


Dearest God of Lords n Stuff,

smite my enemy down,

so that I may win.

No. Scratch that.

I need this person to live.

I need this person to be doing well enough,

so that my successes will shine across your magnificent heavens.

May this person be always at my feet,

but never able to pass.

Lord of all of God’s Lords who Lord over our World,

Let us meet in battle,

my enemy and I,

and smash into each other,

peck to peck,

abs to abs

hip to hip,

so that we may fall to the dry earth,

but yet it begins to rain,

and the dirt becomes mud,

and our bodies slide over each other,

our muscles and sinew bending to fit the other’s,

may the rain fall and fall,

so that our hot bodies may cool,

may our steamy warm breaths breath in each other’s ears,

as we our bodies are locked in melee,

and we strain ever so strongly,

to dominate one another,

to make on cry submission,

on his back,

panting with his tongue lapping for air,

like a dog in heat,

and trying to wipe the mud and blood off of his chest,

and the other straddles him triumphantly.

Please Mr. God-dude?



Read all the comics that share the story on how the villain and the superhero’s relationship became to be. Use the knowledge you found there and create that with the person you choose to be your adversary. Force the story if you have to.

Create a comic of you and your adversaries origins and ongoing battles. Make sure it is obvious who you are and who your adversary is. Even use real names if your art work is terrible. Mail it to your adversary.


Put together dossiers of possible adversaries. Read about them, study them; find out who makes that fire burn in your soul while reading about that person. Get pictures. See which face makes you burn with rage and hate, but with respect and admiration at the same time. Who do you wish were your best friend but wiped off the face of the earth at the same time? Who would you find glee watching burn in a fire but cry uncontrollably at the funeral? Who do you wish you could give up your seat on a long train ride so that they may ride in comfort while you strain standing up just to show the world you are the better person? This is the person that must become your adversary.

To really live life to its fullest, you must have an adversary.

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  1. T.colelindsay says...

    How come you didn’t name drop yours? I bet it’s cause it is probably whoever is reading your blog at the moment…. I feel like you should call said person out… maybe challenge them publicly.
    ORRRRRRR maybe you could have your adversary do all of your editing. And vice versa. They might really help your whole creative process.
    You should dual your adversary with a game of thumb wars.

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