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Cracked Pot Meditations – Flat

  Meditation for January 26th, 2016


You gaze out to the horizon of the ocean on a clear blue sky, it creates a perfect line where the sky meets the sea. You think about Christopher Columbus watching sails come up from the horizon and proving that the earth is round – some say the Greeks already know that, but they can’t even pay their bills, so who knows if they could do the math. Adults would ask kids as they dug into the sand if they were digging to China because China was directly through the spherical planet from us. 

The only problem is the world is flat. Just like man never made any sized steps on the moon, man has yet to prove that the world is actually round. Even now explorers are dying trying to go beyond the edges of our very reality, for just this last week Henry Worsley died trying to cross to the other side of the Antartican continent – the last continent before one is swallowed by space…or Hell. 

The true way to enlightenment, my little student, is not believing everything you heard as the undisputed truth. We all sat in grade school being shovelled lies about how if you walk long enough, you’ll end up where you were. This perversity is making us sick. The world is flat and therefore a tabletop of spiritual illusion. 

Are mountains not valleys? Is the sea not the sky? Do birds not swim? Are sharks eagles soaring? Are people not bio droid slaves from a higher intelligence? Or are we being harvested for energy and our reality dreams to keep us pacified? Do trees not grow down?

Be a servant of all the Gods and look out at the horizon from any heighth and you will see that the earth never rounds and never bends. It is just a plate for us to worship in our temples we call bodies and becoming the universe’s conscience.


Oh Bearded One

reach out from space,

across the space in a flat like reach,

and touch my hand,

and bring me enlightenment. 

Oh Crowned Guy Surfing Clouds & Mating

With Virgins,

may I learn how to climb the layers,

like the spectrums of Earh’s own crust,

from Hell, 

to Earth,

to Human Illusion,

to sky,

to Space & Emptiness,

to You in Heaven.



Walk in a straight line. Do it for a long time. Bring camping gear and a light kayak. Keep walking unless you have to use the kayak to cross bodies of water. Do this until you fall off the side of Earth or you end up where you started. 


Question everything. Question even the status quo. Some thing have just never been questioned. It’s up to you to show the people that everything is just an illusion. This all, including ourselves, are light particles bending off souls creating the forms of “bodies”. Know this and act like you are in on the cosmic joke. Look down on people who just need to get to work so they can pay the bills. 

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