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Cracked Pot Meditations – Food & Supplements Need Intentions

Meditation for January 8th, 2017

Food & Supplements Need Intenetions

Our scientists and shamans have scoured the earth for the best foods and supplements to help be healthier. We noticed that some people, mostly skeptical friends and family who don’t believe these things, just didn’t get the same reaction as we do. So we went to our labs and temples to figure out why. 

We figured it out. You can’t just eat healthy foods and supplements without having good intentions. 

So when taking ginkgo biloba, ginseng, using healing crystals, or trying one of the diets fashioned after an early era of the human timeline, one must release any thoughts on if it’ll work or not. Studies has shown that those that felt that what they were taking would work, the supplement would work. 

Anytime a person felt negative about smudging white sage in their study or dropping a few drops of saint john’s wart in the tongue to ward off depression, the intended result did not come to fruition. Just like taking any kind of hallucination, one must feel positive or have a bad trip or a bunk trip, man. 

Just pure faith in something will make it true. We did a study, and 100% of people who had faith in God believed God was real. 100%! 

The only side note was that those who went to real doctors or sat down with nutritionists were healthier than those who went to just naturopathics and shamans. Ted was trying to treat his stage 3 leukemia with just a ginger, turmeric, blueberry tea died. Turned out chemo would have kept him alive. This blog is for Ted. He must have not been giving his tea enough good intentions, positive vibes, or faith for it to work, and that is where western medicine can help. 

Shamans and other spiritualists have said for centuries, it is just a matter of mind over matter. 

If people would just believe in naturopathic medicine, essential oils, supplements, ancient healing methods, magiks, and other ancient practices, we would be rid of hospitals and the evil pharmaceutical companies for good. 

We would just feel the intention to heal our own body, fill our space with nothing but posi-vibes, manifest faith as you walk out and chew on bark to cure your syphilis. 

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