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Cracked Pot Meditations – Heroes

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Meditation for January 27th, 2016


We all look up to somebody and think of them as our hero. Boys look up at superheroes, professional sport players and even the local construction worker while girls look up to Roseanne Barr, Margaret Cho and Chelsea Handler as their icons. We need people to try to emanate. This is why religion has their messiahs, prophets and saints to exemplify the pure life in spite of worldly struggles. Buddha use to be a total rich bro before ditching his top knot and going homeless and Jesus was given some pretty choice temptations before deciding to die a horrible meaningless death instead.

Well stop. All the people you look up to are horrible. They are perverted, jerk face weirdoes who are getting away with things your simple little pure mind can’t even imagine. This is why they are at the top of their fields; because they are so sick and twisted they can come up with creative original work.

Does that take away from the person’s work if they couldn’t keep their hands to their self? Take a breath and think if this were your neighbor instead of David Bowie, Jimmy Page, Michael Jackson, R Kelly, Chuck Berry, Drake, Roman Polanski or Chris Brown, would you still visit their business? People have stopped doing business with a company for less, but yet people still bow down to them at their temples and forgive them for doing unspeakable acts.

Gandhi hated black people, Martin Luther King cheated on his wife and the Dalai Llama is running a fundraising scheme worst than scientology. Your heroes all have skeletons in and out of their closets.

Be your own hero.


The God of the Desert,

make me a hero,

let me resist all temptation,

but still be able to do cool things.

Let me paint beautiful paintings without the need of underage sex.

Let me write the great American novel without kidnapping and torturing anyone.

Let me compose pop music to dance to without needing to kill any hookers.

Let me sing like an angel without peeing on anybody’s child.



Go to an 80s night theme dance club or party and try not to dance to any artist or artists that committed atrocities on others. Even if the person was never found guilty because they were able to use the ownership of the Beatles music to fund the settlements and still keep the monkey and the giraffe. Try to only dance to people who were able to never get caught or even suspected of being a dirt bag. Bonus if you are dressed like an 80s icon who kept his or her nose clean.


Be careful of the people you look up to. Power, fame and money have done horrible things to people’s heads. It’s okay to like someone who is less than moral, but remember that what they may have done had hurt people.

This is like trying to only enjoy conflict free culture. Some of the most famous people have had their sins swept under the rug by the media because their work is so important and people don’t like knowing something beautiful has an ugly side, but it usually does.

100% of hip-hop has hurt or killed someone.

Even Andre 3000 has blood on his hands.

Lawrence Welk never hurt nobody.

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  1. Terry O says...

    Paragraph 3′ …’…to themselves’. David, what’s your point…where are you trying to go, or suggest we follow. It’s ‘icky’ & unskillful (q.v. ‘Upiah ‘ (? sp) )… skillful means. Your direction appears to be simply unskillfully mean. 😷🤐😳

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