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February 3, 2016 Meditation , ,

Cracked Pot Meditations – Illness


Meditation for February 3rd, 2016

Our bodies breakdown when our immune system needs to attack something that wants make us sick. We spend winter nights unable to breath, eating chicken noodle soup and watching endless episodes of CSI:NY and wondering why that show got canceled but CSI:MIAMI is still going. Pharmaceutical companies, doctors, naturopathic medicine practitioners, hippies and your weed dealer all have tips on how not to get sick and how to get better sooner. Meditation can help clear the head to make the best choice possible for our health.
Most people that get sick all the time are vegetarians or vegans. 90% of Americans who get sick more than twice a year have a plant based diet. 76% or Americans who eat a gluten free diet find themselves getting the common cold and the flu four times a year! In fact, when a vegan also practices yoga, he or she tend to find themselves in long term illnesses. While the plant based diets have high number of illnesses, people who eat a high amount of animal protein find themselves spending less time being sick. According to the University of America of Wisconsin University, people who do not belong to gyms are not sick as often as those who do.
When my Oncologist was diagnosing me with stage 3 cancer, she asked me if I had ever dabbled in a plant based diet, and I told her about the time I tried being vegetarian in college, and she nodded and hmmmed as she jotted down some notes. I was told that things like plant based diets, medicinal marijuana, yoga, vaping, Norwegian metal, incense and cross-fit causes different kinds of cancer and other diseases. In fact a study done at the American Wisconsin University did a study that people who fear death and sickness end up dead and sick more.
Being sick is the moon pulling out the sickness, the defects that cause us harm. It is getting rid of the grief for things past getting us ready for the new. Being sick is a great way to meditate on where you are and where you want to go. Having a cold or the flu is like dying and when you start to feel better you are then being reborn and this chance to start everything over. You can be a new person!
Spend less time trying not to get sick and more time living.
O! Hermes!
Run across the universe,
and grab an orange, ginger, lemon, honey and echinacea,
and juice it.
O’ God,
why did you create us to feel like shit once or more times a year?
You’re omnipotent, so why would you make us a tad tougher,
than being completely crushed because we have to breath through our mouths –
-especially when we eat or make out with someone who is also suffering a cold,
making long strings of snot to almost be like a cats cradle game.
O’ Lord of Light!
Why do I have to ache all over?
Why do I have to cough an ocean of flem on to my pillow?
Why do I have to freeze when it’s warm, boil when it’s cold?
Blanket on, blanket off, blanket on, blanket off, blanket on, blanket off, blanket on, blanket off…
Why do I feel like I could sleep forever but my eyes have been studying the red flares drifting off the clock as the minutes keep ticking by slowly.
please make me feel better,
so I can use my sick days of important reasons.
Here is an ancient recipe that has helped many to feel better:
1 yellow onion diced
1lbs yellow potatoes cubed
1 shallot diced
Seven strips of bacon
7lbs bison meet
1lbs baby seal blubber
Put the onion, potato, shallot, thyme, rosemary & lavender into a crock pot on high for four hours.
Fry the bacon.
Smear the baby seal blubber onto the bison.
Stand on a stool or chair and drop the raw bison and blubber onto the platter with the bacon and veggies.
Slice and serve.
Feel your cold go away.
Don’t get sick. Stop it. You don’t have to get sick. When you get up and feel the tickle in the throat and some aches in the bones, don’t think you’re getting sick, just blame it on the dry air. When you say, “I think I’m getting sick.”, you are creating a reality. We live in a world of illusion, so we can write our narrative, so by declaring not being sick, you won’t be sick.

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