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January 18, 2016 Meditation , ,

Cracked Pot Meditations – Judging a Book by its Cover


Meditation for the day of January 18th, 2016

Judging a book by its cover.

Beauty is only skin deep, so the old saying goes, and is the basis for why one expands their minds and soul by searching for knowledge. Beauty can mean so much more than a person’s look, like their qualities, sense of humor and their wit, and in that case beauty is much deeper than the skin, but as deep as the soul.

Too bad no one will get to know you if you aren’t beautiful. The whole point of beauty is to attract potential mates, but if they don’t like what they see, then you can’t blow them away with your qualities, sense of humor and wit. They won’t even approach you. Some people aren’t born with the genetics to attract whom they want to attract. No amount of Go Fund Me money is going to help with that.

When looks is not in your favor, you don’t get to have strong opinions or even be a contrarian, because that is pushing people further away than they are already trying to be. You’re too ugly to afford to lose any more friends. You will have to get along to get along. That is why when a good-looking person says a controversial opinion, they get the respect they need while a less than handsome person gets mocked or ignored.

One can do certain things to pretty themselves up. The uglier you are the more grooming one has to do: shaping the brows, getting rid of excess hair, regular shaving and haircuts, dressing nicer and other little things that ups the attraction level. One also has to be fit. Regular exercise and a good diet is a great way to not only make one better looking, but boost confidence, but don’t get too cocky, you might still be too ugly.


My Creator,

If you have made me ugly,

let me learn how to be comfortable.

Let me learn why you created me this way,

and not like one of the beautiful people.

My Puppet master,

let me be the ugly person in whatever story you have made for me to be in. Am I the humpback? The ugly duckling? Frankenstein? Am I here to teach a pretty person a lesson on how he or she treats others? Does a good-looking person falls in love with me for my mind instead of my body? Or do I accept people on my level and lower my expectations?

Dearest God who created me in His image,

let it be known that I have much more to me than how I look,

and let people double take and learn that I am Your child.

Let me be attractive any way I can.



Learn how to knit and knit a big baggy sweater that is long and has a giant floppy turtleneck that can fold a bunch of times, but wear it up to almost cover half of your face. Then knit a big wide rimmed hat that flops down in front of your face. Make lots of different sweater and hat combinations. Have fun and be creative!


Accept yourself for what you are. Change the things you have power over and don’t worry about the parts you can’t. Everyone is actually attractive and people who judge you on your looks alone are not people you want in your life anyway. Attract people that are smart, funny, creative and push you to be a better person and treat them the way you’d like to be treated.

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  1. Terry O says...

    Consider uglies like Henry Kissinger. More sex…well enough sex to leave some of us nearly envious. And the reason…certainly not looks. POWER my dear is a powerful aphrodisiac.🤑🙄

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