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Cracked Pot Meditations – Laughter


Meditation for February 20th, 2016


Laughing is a great way to let go of stress. Finding humor is a sign of a healthy way of living. Being able to look back and laugh at your own mistakes is essential to the growing process. When we find others who have gone through similar harrowing adventures, we can laugh together, for we are now on the other side.

Laughing at your own mistakes makes you a smart person, but laughing at other people’s mistakes makes you a wise person. We learn to laugh at life by watching people fail at it and laughing at them. It is meditative to point at the person lying on the ground after rolling off the roof trying to clean the leaves out, but found out the hard way to anchor the ladder on a flat solid surface and not in uneven muddy lawn, and laugh at them. You now learned a lesson by remembering how funny watching the person groan and quiver in pain and how that brought tears to your eyes laughing so hard.

Laughing is also a way to not ever say you’re sorry. You can say anything, and as long as you laugh immediately, you don’t owe an apology. You are showing the person you are offending that you are just finding something funny and not offensive while at the same time helping that person find humor in the world around him or her. Laughing is also a great way to soften the blow when you need to teach that person a lesson, correct, break up or fire that person.

You can’t have tragedy without comedy.



As I prayer to your laughing face,

I need to get out of this slump.

I need to find life funny again,

instead of insisting on being serious.

I have to stop ruining peoples days by pointing out what they enjoy is actually bad for them or somebody else.

I have to take a break on tearing down people’s heroes.

I really should cease needing everyone to be sensitive to what I’m sensitive to, but not be sensitive to the things I find funny.

I need to remember to forget everything I think is important to me and not need others to find them important too because it really isn’t important.

I need to learn to laugh at myself if I’m going to stop being a lonely curmudgeon insisting on being right instead of amusing.

I need to get jokes and tell jokes.


I am forever in your debt.

Without you and your curses,

I wouldn’t have anything to laugh at.

If I didn’t watch others fall,

I wouldn’t know what to laugh at.

Instead of furrowing my brow and reach out all concerned like,

I can point and laugh at people as they fail at life.

I’ll remind them that they are too serious,

that nothing is off limits,

everything is funny,


Whoa! Except that, asshole!

I had to go through that!

Don’t you dare laugh at me!



If someone tells you something serious like they just lost someone, found out they have a disease, got fired, got dumped or divorced, was cheated on, was injured so bad they lost their job or something they loved doing, got their favorite TV show canceled…you get the picture, tell them the worst case scenario of their dilemma and then laugh hysterically. No matter how mad they look, keep laughing.

You are just doing the Gods work.


I didn’t come up with this joke. A man was at work when he got a phone call that his wife was in a terrible automobile accident and was at the emergency room. He rushed to the hospital in fear of how bad his wife might be hurt. He felt a lump in his throat and felt ice in his bowels. He sat in the waiting room for a few minutes after letting the receptionist know who he was and who he was there to see, and she said to wait for a doctor.

A doctor came out and shook his hand with a solemn look.

The doctor said, “Look, I have some bad news for you. Your wife was injured really badly. She is now a quadriplegic. This means she can’t use anything beneath her neck. She can no longer feed herself, so you’ll have to feed her. She can no longer dress herself, so you’ll have to dress her. She can no longer bathe, so you’ll have to clean her. She can no longer go the bathroom on her own, so you’ll have to help her go and clean her up afterwards. She is completely dependent on you to do everything for her. Your life is no longer yours, it is now in service to her.”

The man felt like collapsing in despair. He has never felt more alone and in pain then at the moment. His love, his best friend, his partner was no longer the same strong person she was when she left the house that morning. He felt all the negative feelings at the same time. He felt anger, fear and sorrow well up within him. He was completely lost and wished he would fade away, but he looked up and noticed the doctor trying not to laugh.

“What is so funny?!?” the man demanded.

The Doctor replied, “I’m just kidding, she’s dead.”


Stop taking anything serious. Life is literally too short to really take anything serious. Everything that someone takes seriously is meaningless after you die. It is all absurd. You can pretend that it changes anything all you want, but at the end no one will actually benefit from your meaningless crusades.

Just laugh at all of it. Just point and laugh. You will find much more happiness and joy pointing at everyone and everything in life. The struggle is hilarious. Pain is LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Stop making a scene and chuckle.

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