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January 20, 2016 Meditation , , ,

Cracked Pot Meditations – Offend


Meditation for January 20th, 2016


Living in such a diverse world makes it easy for some of us to be offended by people’s words. Sometimes the person doesn’t know any better about the words they use and other people are being malicious, but unless they make that clear, it is hard to tell sometimes without knowing the person. Some words bring up painful memories from ones past while other words attack who you think you are. Sometimes the words pigeonhole us too neatly and that hurts us and we want to retaliate or educate.

If you are offended easily, grow up. The world was fine when no one had time to be offended because unless you were royalty or a religious leader, you were eating mud and growing sheep shit. If you are offended by what someone calls you, then you must not really be that person because you are being offended. If you are offended by someone making light of a troublesome experience you had once, let it go, someone else has gotten over it and is laughing at the same joke.

You change nothing by fighting the whole wide world around you to take you seriously and treat you the way you want to be treated. If it was the right way to be, then we’d all be that kind of person. Being strange or different is just a cry for help because you weren’t good enough to be a normal person. Grow up and get a job.


One True Lord,

allow me to be ok with who I am,

instead of who I want others to think I am.

Help me to thicken up my skin,

instead of posting vague or specific posts on Facebook,

about a certain kind of person attacking your kind of person.

The Only God that Really Exists,

give me the strength to be what others will have me be,

instead of needing to be special with sex, gender or race.

God of Everyone,

Let me have the strength in my soul to just laugh off stupid jokes that maybe isolates a certain kind of person and makes them look foolish or of a weaker type of person instead of having the need to throw my tofu salad to the ground and write an angry letter stating that people can’t find anything funny except for Amy Schumer and Margaret Cho and sometimes Louis C.K., but I’ll conveniently forget the borderline racist and rape jokes that I’m mad at Tosh for making, if my understanding of the Tosh incident is correct, but Tosh is more young and frat white guy, while Louis C.K. is a chubby smart red headed guy who can’t harm anyone – can he?



Instead of feeling offended, bring back aggression. Make fun of that person back. Go for the throat, but keep smiling because that is how you won’t need to make an apology later. Everyone has a weak spot and if you don’t see one that is readily available, question his or her weight because everyone is afraid of being the wrong weight.


Stop being offended. Offend others.

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  1. Ben House says...

    Great meditation. These are things I try to be cognizant of alot. Thank you for the meditations. Really diggin’ em.

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