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February 14, 2016 Meditation , , ,

Cracked Pot Meditations – Sex


Meditation for February 14th, 2016


It is Valentine’s Day and people all over are feeding their significant other chocolate, rich expensive dinners, giving beautifully written cards and roses to make sure that they can have sex tonight. Sex is the one true way for two or three people to express their love for each other and feel that intimacy.

Every little part of youth culture up to adult contemporary culture is hinged on how a person can have sex with another. There is no other point to music, art or fashion than to make sure that people are lying down naked in beds, on couches and in the back of 70s muscle cars. From Beyoncé to Coldplay and Santana to Rod Stewart, these musicians create the soundtrack to bedrooms all over the United States. Now days it is common for newlyweds to consecrate their marriage by shagging to ELO’s self-titled album.

This is where one takes what they learn in pornography films and use it in the real world. If you haven’t had sex yet, make sure you watch a good cross section of porn so that you don’t get stuck with a “fetish”.

One cannot have sex with someone without feeling love. Love is the chemical reaction to wanting to breed with someone, for that is the only reason two people would have sex is to make little puppy people.

Every huge direction change in society, every war, every religion created and destroyed, every country formed and swallowed by a bigger country and every ethnic cleansing is based on someone’s sex life.


Oh Lord Jesus Christ,

let me please make this gurl!

She is so hot.

I would be whole,

if she’d come home with me.

My friends and cultural counterparts would take me seriously,

if they knew I could make it with this girl.

I don’t care if we date or if she’s nice,

she is dressed cool and is hot.

She has nice boobs.


mmmmmh boobs.

God Almighty!

I’m so tired of women not liking me.

They don’t know what they are missing.

I’m smart, I take care of myself and I’m nice.

That’s probably what it is,

I’m nice.

Women don’t like nice guys.

For some strange reason girls like really mean guys instead of nice guys…

…like me.

They friend zone me.

It makes me so mad.

Make women like me.

Make them now!



Spend the rest of February, and remember that it is a leap year so there is a 29th day of February, masturbating without any visual, audible or tactile assistance. Get back in touch with your sexual self. Porn is killing your imagination. Fire that bad boy up again and see what you have to offer this fine world that you haven’t let out of that little brain of yours.


We are sexual creatures. We need touch to feel love, intimacy and human, so find that and be that. Don’t be afraid of your body. There isn’t a God looking down from the clouds through your roof and right into your room and watching you with judgment at the weird things you do to yourself with an old care bear, a tub of Crisco and aluminum foil, so stop feeling guilty and self righteous about sex. People get to do it with or without your permission.

Go on the straight pepper diet.

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