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Cracked Pot Meditations – Three For One

I was in the middle of a mossy wonderland camping and enjoying myself turning 40 years old. I was not able to send out my usual daily meditation until today.

Meditation for October 2nd, 2016

The President of the United States of America Doesn’t Change Shit, You Do

We are all voting on who is going to be the next President of the United States of America, or Yoozah as most of the citizens call it, and people are running to Facebook to try and help their candidate win. If I was to take the articles and memes seriously, I would believe that the President has powers to fix economic problems, peace in the Middle East, fix the shrinking moral problem here and abroad, beat terrorism, bring jobs home, save the middle class, fix the energy crisis, save the earth, and a bunch of other things.

They actually can’t do any of that. They can create policy that might influence that with the help of congress, but really, a president just doesn’t have that kind of power, nor should they.

You are the problem and the solution. It is easy to blame a president for your life being inconvenience rather than make the changes in your own life.

People don’t want to change the energy they use, they want the energy to be forever and they don’t want to worry that the place that energy comes from is a war zone. People want to get in their SUVs and drive from their sweet little suburban hamlet to their jobs miles and miles away. The president isn’t in charge of finding a suitable replacement for your gas that won’t hinder the convenience and speed, but can tax gas and invest in education so that maybe we’ll have someone smart enough to create something, but instead these suburbanites don’t want to pay taxes to maybe help education and environmental concerns, so we just keep doing what we are doing and nothing changes and we blame the president.

A president doesn’t create jobs. They can create taxes and tariffs to reward and discipline businesses who decide to do their labor outside or inside of our country, but really it’s because we aren’t willing to do jobs like that anymore. We want a shit ton of cash to do a job that a young kid in a sweaty humid country will do for pennies on the dollar. We can’t blame a company for trying to make the overhead cost of their product as little as possible for a bigger profit. This is business, not politics. If you hate the current economy, you have to bow out of it. You can’t be eating a cheeseburger at MickyD’s bemoaning Trump’s taxes, not does using Facebook, a marketing and advertising tool, as a soapbox for Hillary’s big business partners. Shopping at Whole Foods and Walmart just says you are okay with prison labor, oversea sweat shops, and local economies don’t mean that much to you because the poor checkout person is making minimum wage with no benefits at Walmart.

In fact, our economy, and our dependence on foreign resources, and our love of spreading democracy, has endangered people all over the world and now us. I will just explain Iran as one reason the world wants to destroy “our freedom”. The United States of America along with England did not like that Iran under the leadership of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh nationalized Iran’s oil and kicked out the Brits. The Brits ran to the Yanks and ask us to help them, so we overthrew Mossadegh and reinstated the Shah Reza Pahlavi who ran the country like a dictatorship with the help of US military aid until the extremist Shi’ite overthrew the Shah for a theocracy who spent the whole time just hating the US. Instead of doing the right thing, our government decided to protect US interest; i.e., business. Not just business, but protecting our, your, access to the resources you need to live a convenience life.

The president only has three real powers. The real meat of American politics come from the Congressional houses. The president can sign legislation into law, veto legislation or do nothing when it comes to laws from congress gracing the president’s desk. The president is the Commander in Chief, so making sure the military is ready and able, and not bloated and fat. The president may declare war with the OK from congress, but can deploy military for up to 60 days without congress’s permission. The president also dictates the direction our foreign policy goes with the State Department, Defense Department, and according to operations like the previous paragraph, the CIA. The president also nominates federal judges including those that sit on the Supreme Court. The rest of the president’s job is ceremonial. The president can’t fire CEOs, run banks, build walls with or without Mexico’s permission, actually tax people or cut taxes, or do anything without congress.

The basic message of this meditation is that we give too much power to someone that can’t really do a lot and can’t really do all the things that they promise they’ll do, but we don’t seem to care that much about congressional elections, nor do we spend the time to learn our local politicians’ names and policies so that we can shape a better tomorrow.

You can scream all you want about how terrible one of the candidates is or how perfect the other candidate is, the point is the election for the President of the United States of America is just ceremonial and entertainment for the rest of the world.

You can actually make changes. You can actually change you lifestyle to make the world a better place and be an example to others who might not know how to change.

Meditation for October 3rd, 206

I Am 40

I woke up around 7:30 AM a 40 year old man. I unzipped the tent flap to go outside and pee and make a fire. As I stepped out into the cold Olympian National forest air, I saw a black bear just wandering through the campground. She was about 50 feet away from me. I woke up my girlfriend and we watched the bear disappear into the misty mossy rain forest.

This is an auspicious beginning to 40. I closed the chapter on my thirties as the time I got cancer, so I needed some hope. The bear represents new beginnings, for after sleeping through winter, the bear will come out of the cave unsure and unstable, but then will start a new life. I need that kind of new beginning.

I thought 40 was being married.

I thought 40 was having kids.

I thought 40 was owning a house.

I thought 40 was owning two cars.

I thought 40 was not being interested in anything anymore.

40 seemed the first year with no youth in it. Now that I am 40 I can no longer enjoy dumb jokes and fart noises.

40 is the age Jon Bon Jovi died.

40 was such a big event in the 80s when my parents turned 40. The Big Chill came out where a bunch of people turning 40 came together for their dead friend and reminisced about the 60s together. Times have changed. Man, we have grown up. Music was so much better then.

I feel like that about my life. The 90s were like the 60s in some way and now is like the 80s where decadence and consumerism ruled. Now I can be the counter culture kid remembering when we fought all the things people like now.

Hopefully a new thing will revolutionize next decade. Maybe if Trump becomes president…

I am 40 and in some ways I am exactly where I want to be. If I had married anyone, I would be divorced by now; if I had any kid; I’d be estranged by now; if I owned a house, it would be foreclosed by now; if I had two cars, I would have had one repoed and the other would be a ’88 Pontiac LeMans; if I had stopped being interesting, I would not have been interesting in the first place and I do so much enjoy dumb jokes and fart noises.

I live in a beautiful house.

I don’t have any kids that I know of.

I have a wonderful, giving, beautiful girlfriend.

I have a great relationship with public transportation.

I run a blog that I mostly write everyday, I draw, I have creative projects in the work and I’m not worried if they ever see the light of day or not because I am happy just creating things.

I’m still obnoxious and loud and love to make people laugh.

I did not think I was going to make it to 40. When I was 17 years old, I had stopped drinking and doing drugs, but did not think that almost 23 years later I’d still be clean & sober. I dealt with crippling depression that made the normal things in life too hard sometimes and continuing life sometimes became an option, but I persevered and now I live most days happy to be alive and have embraced the depression and melancholy as parts of what makes me me. I was diagnosed with cancer and at certain times it looked like that was what was going to kill me, but I stayed the course and on the 10th I will find out if I’m in remission or not.

I spent many years not even living life like I was going to be 40. Not like a maniac with a death wish, but someone who didn’t know if I would ever experience something again, so I might as well drop all responsibilities and commitments to do it. Other times I was trying to live to be 40 and let fear keep me from doing what I wanted to do, or let responsibilities and commitments dictate what I can and can’t enjoy.

I would say life is weird, but I have nothing to compare it to.

I am 40 years old and the first thing I saw was a fucking bear.

Meditation for October 4th, 2016

Now That I Am Old I Am A Spiritual Healer

I am now old, so now I have been bestowed great insight and wisdom that has been lacking in my life until this year (yesterday). One of the things I have realized is that I am a spiritual healer. Just the touch of my dying skin can bring more life into yours. Just me singing a chant in your general direction with my decaying voice box will help you grow life. Just by staring at you with these blind old eyes, I can help you see for million celestial miles.

Why seek me?

  • If you are depressed or dissatisfied with your life.
  • Overwhelmed by your own emotions and fears.
  • Just can’t seem to get under the pressure of performing professionally and/or personally.
  • Sick and shit.
  • You’re just a fucking asshole that doesn’t like anything.
  • You are an idiot and keep making huge life altering mistakes.

When we find what your fucking problem is, I can use the right tools for the job. Sometimes it is merely listening to your sniveling problems that helps you to awaken to your real self, but other times I have to perform a literal exorcism to expel the demons that are making you a worthless piece of shit.


I don’t fuck with needles, but I can pinch you in a bunch of places to find the pressure points that make you lousy.

Chakra Healing

Using things like coloring books and little zen sand gardens with cute little rakes, I can find ways to tickle your chakras back into alignment. I will notice if your chakras need cleansing or adjusting by just the color of your aura. I have over 500 solutions to chakra problems. Just call!

Energy-Focused Bodywork

Usually I like to surprise you by jumping out of the shadows and moving your body around until I can adjust your energies. Energy lies to me just like you will, so surprise body work works best.

Healing Touch

I hold your arm just above the elbow. I stare at you with my eyes half closed and a smirk on my face. I do this for one hour. Ask for specials!

Polarity Therapy

Using the principles of magnets and using them on the energies that course through our bodies, I try to make sure that all the body energy “magnets” are pointed the right way. I use magnets.

Prana Healing

This has cured certain kind of cancers and troubled teens, but I take the “dirty” energy out of a person and replace it with Prana. I use a magnifying glass and a vacuum cleaner.


I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you! I’m still not touching you!

Restorative Touch

While I am not certified by Restorative Touch to use their treatment, I use it anyway, or at least what I could decipher using nothing but wikipedia and guesswork.

Shamanic Healing

I belittle other cultures by dressing up and guessing how they performed rituals on people that pay a lot of money to be healed: hopefully you.


This is the use of prayer to focus healing power at someone. This relies heavily on God and God’s whims. As you know, God sometimes wants you to have a broken foot or deep dark depression, so let’s see what the big man wants.

I have decided to charge very little for my practice, for now that death is on my doorstep due to my ever advancing stage, I am charging the low, low price of $1 per hour. Contact me now and I will throw in a free brochure that I haven’t written yet, but if any of you want it, I will write it.