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November 19, 2012 Uncategorized

Emo Post Blog

Are you ready for another Emo Blog Post?

I am depressed not sad.

I just found out my pretend girlfriend is only 19…HOT!

Taco Del Mar sucks, but hopefully you knew that already. It made me like Taco Bell.

Rain is wonderful.

Wind and rain is pure ecstasy.

Too much rap.

When people talk about sport gambling, I space out and think about girls’ butts.

When did people stop clapping?

People keep making fun of my sweaters, but goddamn I look good!

Sometimes people complain to me about how Slabtown does things. I smile and tell them I’ll let the owner know, but really I’m picturing pouring a jar full of fire ants down their throats. If the complaint is legitimate, I may tell the owner.

Lucas has a car.

I am losing my edge.

Someday, Silvio is going to walk into a crowded room with an automatic rifle and shoot everyone while screaming BORK! BORK! BORK! over and over again.

It’s hard to behave when you’re lonely.

I can go four days without a hamburger before I start jonesing. I need that blood.

I can’t wait to sleep in and drink coffee and lounge around tomorrow. I’m going to isolate until Thanksgiving.

Still don’t want kids and still don’t want to get married.

If you haven’t read the Patricia Highsmith series about Tom Ripley yet, you should.

I can’t wait for the Hobbit.

Don’t the kids like Rock ‘n’ Roll anymore?

I need to draw more.

I promised people I would blog tonight.

I don’t think the people cared all that much if I blogged tonight or not.

A woman and a man can be friends without letting sex muck it up.

Someone told me I got a little boring since I stopped giving a fuck.

I had a dream last night that an earthquake had destroyed Portland. No one survived but this guy and me I knew 17 years ago. I built a fort on top of Mt. Tabor and he built a fort on top of Council Crest. We invented a smoke signal code and would once a week meet in the demolished downtown to trade things. For some reason we were civil, but not friendly enough to join forces.

I take full responsibility for my consequences.

Making someone laugh is too important to me.

Below is the link to the full transcript of Kaylin and my conversation this evening:

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    Good stuff, bro. I always look forward to it. Even if I read it late!

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