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December 23, 2012 introspection

Getting Old & Dragons At The Sands

I’ll start off with the bad stuff. A car hit me today. The woman ran a stop sign and I jumped on her hood, but before I could secure myself, she hit the brakes and I went flying across the street. Don’t worry, dear readers, I got her information and went straight to the emergency room. Nothing is wrong with me, but being just a little sore. I’ll probably feel it more in the morning.

I went to a party tonight and saw a ton of people that I haven’t seen in a long time or don’t see all that often anymore. Some of these people played crucial roles in my early life and it were good to reconnect. I was overwhelmed with trying to stay focused and even wished someone a happy birthday when it wasn’t his birthday. Still had the post car-hitting-me-jitters.

I spent 45 minutes at Powell’s getting every single one of my Christmas presents.

I’m still going to quit smoking on the 1st.

I still have a hard time sleeping.

I still suffer from depression.

I still blog.

I won’t talk about the Hobbit.

Don’t play guitars at parties.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Thank you for saying anything nice about this blog.

Thank you for giving me feedback about this blog.

I’m in the beginnings of a relationship. I’m not going to lie to you: I’m smitten. We dated before when I was a scared little crazy boy. We lived parallel lives dancing around each other and watching each other and now we’re dating in an innocent romantic way. It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t happen to people like us and I just realized that I’m capable of having something nice in my life.

See: I still suffer from depression.

I’m 36 and I’m going to spend the night at my mom and dad’s house on Christmas Eve.

I’m really excited about restarting a podcast with Max. I have things I need to say on the Internet.

Last night I had a dream that an army of dragons had taken over Las Vegas and I was sent down to exterminate them because I am a dragon exterminator. It says so on my brown van. The dragons and I utterly destroyed Las Vegas and it was beautiful. The dream was in third person and I was all muscular and strong. I woke up before I could kill all the dragons.

I am playing Dungeons & Dragons on Wednesday.

I heard a song a couple of times these past few days and it made my toe tap and made me want to dance. It’s Love You Like a Love Song by Selena Gomez & The Scene.

When the fuck is it going to really snow?

The creative juices are really starting to flow.

This year I’ve really started to notice I’m getting old. It started out with not being able to relate to people in their early 20s and them not giving a shit about who I am or what I’ve done. Then it was the body thing with my stomach getting softer, creaks and soreness in the morning and finally looking like I’m in my 30s. Now its this whole wanting simpler things, to not need to experience everything, to be okay missing things and saying no to things. I just want to have a simple life and read books and draw and write. I just want a little coffee in the morning with a bagel. I just want to take walks and think about things. I just want a little tea at night and feel the cold night air set in. I don’t want much, but I want to share it with someone.

Other than the whole car thing, I’m pretty happy.

4 to “Getting Old & Dragons At The Sands”

  1. Jeff Gallagher says...

    “Don’t play guitars at parties.” – Thank You.

  2. JW says...

    Genuine. Clever. Perfect. I’m ready for you to write a book.

  3. john naimo says...

    I too am glad you don’t play guitar at parties. Keep writing Fish, I read it everytime and enjoy it. Bro, you went Chuck Norris in the Octagon on that shit with the car, that’s what happened.

  4. Tyler Lindsay says...

    I am glad you are alright. Are you winning at D & D?

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