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February 7, 2013 introspection

Leaving Comfort Behind & Podcasts

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks, but I have moved. I am now in my new place and I’m in a new neighborhood. I have to start over on all my daily routines. How I get to work is different, how I get my morning coffee is different, how I get dressed in the morning is different and even how I shower is different. I got so used to how I did things at my old house it has been a little slow getting used to living at my new place.

I haven’t been too distracted by moving to do a podcast for Young and Fictitious, my friend’s blog. You should listen to it here. I hope to get more podcasts up in the near future. While I don’t like my voice, I love the podcast format. Sometimes just talking about things is better than writing about it.

I’m trying to come up with some of the other things that have happened in the last few weeks to catch you up on because I know most of you are desperately wondering what is happening in my life.

Next Tuesday I’ll be celebrating 19 years without drinking. I believe this is the year people will finally take me seriously. Not in the ‘me being funny all the time’, but in the ‘I might know something about stuff’ kind of way. Probably not, I’ll just still be written off as some clown who just got lucky.

The new Jim James album is fantastic.

I am a cellar dweller again.

I hope to get this blog up and running again with more frequent posts and some new directions that I want to go with. I’m hoping to still add some of my doodles here and maybe draw some cartoons. I still want to add a fiction & poetry page, but I still have had trouble writing fiction for a while. Along with the diary posts like this one, I want to add more comedy type posts, rants and essays. Might be too ambitious for me, but I feel it.

I turned on the bleeding deacon switch last night.

Remember in last blogs when I said I was having trouble sleeping? Well, now I sleep too much.

I just got hooked on 24. I thought it was fucking stupid when it first came out, and it still is fucking stupid and completely unrealistic, but the cliffhanger storyline is addicting.

Is it spring training yet?

My girlfriend and I have been together two months, which is five weeks longer than we dated before. What’s our success you ask? Honesty and spending time doing what we need to do instead of forcing our lives together and forsaking other relationships and what we need to do to succeed in life. Also, good sex.

Can you believe that spring is almost upon us? I always feel Gyped when we don’t have a winterocalypse. I need my week of snow. Maybe there’s still a chance.

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  1. Matthew says...

    Gyped is a racist term. As a Jew you should be more respectful of these things.

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