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Triple Play Podcast

Good evening. I have become involved with a new podcast called Triple Play. I am going to talk about baseball with my friends and sometimes teammates Chef Andrew and Sean Power. It’s only a tad over 45 minutes, we don’t … Continue reading

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Cracked Pot Meditations – America Needs Losers

Meditation for November 2nd, 2016 America Needs Losers America loves winning. Nothing makes us prouder than the time we won two, not just one, world wars. Winning is everything. This is why teams like the Yankees, any team with LeBron … Continue reading

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The Mayhem of Good Weather

There is nothing like Mayhem to celebrate a birthday. We smashed TVs, toilets, printers and some miscellaneous items with bats and mallets. The girls next door to the bar made sure I did it in a gold glimmering thong. I … Continue reading

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