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September 30, 2012 introspection , ,

The Birth of a Nation of One.

This Wednesday I turn 36 years old. Yes, this is going to be that stereotypical blog where I become introspective and think about where I came from and where I’m going and if I’m doing what I’m supposed to be or am I completely behind the bench mark.

One of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life is to not grow up. I don’t want the house, the wife, the kids, the mistress, the golf or anything most of you want or have. I am Peter fucking Pan.

I also reserve the right to change my mind anytime I want. Maybe next week I’ll shift gears.

Sometimes I have lunch or dinner with a friend who has kids and a wife and a house or two and I listen to all the bullshit and not fun life they have and I’m grateful. Why would I want a kid holding me down? Why would I let a wife do the same? I just want a simple life.

I don’t need much to make me happy. I have already done things in my teenage years to make up for most people’s lifetime of excitement. I just need a little music, some books and friends who love drinking coffee till one in the morning.

I can entertain myself staring at a wall like a cat. I don’t need a child screaming while I’m trying to figure out how to pay for a mortgage, car payments and hoping the wife will let me play golf with the ‘boys’.

By the way, I hate golf.

I don’t watch too much T.V. and lately I haven’t been watching too many movies, but since I finished school I have been a reading whore.

I’m 36 and I am happy to say that I’m happy where I am. The days of comparing myself to other people are over. I don’t drive, but I get to read while taking the bus; I don’t own a home, but I get to pay next to nothing for rent and keep my money for other things; I don’t have kids, but I get to be there for my friends and families whenever they need me; I don’t have a wife, but I have great relationships and friendships that marriage would only take away those connections; I don’t have a career, but I’m working somewhere that is fun, exciting and stress free.

I’m in relatively good health. Most of my problems are from my wild years.

I’m not a wise man, but if I had a message that I could transmit using this interwebs thingy, is you don’t have to do what society says you should do. You don’t have to get married, you don’t have to buy a house, you don’t have to have kids, and you don’t have to be rich. You can be and do whatever you want. You have my permission.

You don’t even need my permission.

Sometimes life corners you into not doing what you want, but try to not let it.

I’m turning 36 on Wednesday and I like comics, fantasy books, avant-garde music, writing and drinking coffee. I like hanging out with my girlfriend and taking walks and annoying her cat. I get to work somewhere that supports local and small musicians. I like laughing and I especially like making other people laugh.

I want to live a simple life. I don’t need a boat. I want to play and playing should be cheap if not free. I don’t want to ever lose my ability to open a window and just be able to watch and listen to the rain for as long as I want.

I’m having a birthday party at Slabtown on Wednesday night if you want to go. We’re going to smash things like TVs, VCRs and printers with baseball bats and mallets. Come if you know me, come if you don’t. Come if you like me, come especially if you hate me. Who know, you could be wrong about me.

2 to “The Birth of a Nation of One.”

  1. Josh Dudleston says...

    That’s it. I’m selling the house, the boat, the truck, divorcing my wife, abandoning my kids and I’ll be at Slabtown on Wednesday with a 10 pound sledge!!!

  2. johnnynobueno says...

    I wonder if I will as cool as you if I use my full name. Yes. Yes I will. And you will hate me for it. Ha.

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