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Cracked Pot Meditations – Red Flags

Meditation for January 7th, 2017 Red Flags We live in an age where the information and ideals needed before the first date is astronomical. If we listen to the love song of yesteryear, we hear that people fell in love … Continue reading

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Cracked Pot Meditations- Taking It Slow

Meditation for December 16th, 2016 Taking It Slow There has been a lot of debate on whether it is a good idea when dating to go slow. What does it even mean, to go slow? This is slowly adding time … Continue reading

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Cracked Pot Meditations – The Gender of God

Meditation for November 11th, 2016 The Gender of God There is this assumption that Yahweh is male. We find the very first mention of this in Genisis where the writer narrarates Yahweh strolling through His garden. How the writer could … Continue reading

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Cracked Pot Meditations – Sexy All The Time

Meditation for October 29th, 2016 Sexy All The Time The survival of the species is based on that feeling in our loins to fuck. Our whole society is based around making us feel like that can happen. Either we make … Continue reading

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Cracked Pot Meditations – Bodies Are Gross. 

   Meditation for April 15th, 2016 Bodies Are Gross We spend our whole life in a flesh bag full of guts. We try to make that bag look as good as possible with make up, exercise, fashion and haircuts, but … Continue reading

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Cracked Pot Meditations – Sex

Meditation for February 14th, 2016 Sex It is Valentine’s Day and people all over are feeding their significant other chocolate, rich expensive dinners, giving beautifully written cards and roses to make sure that they can have sex tonight. Sex is … Continue reading

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